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Affordable place to stay at province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Affordable place to stay at province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing land of islands, and in fact, it has more than 7100 islands! This country is full of natural and, of course, historical beauties, which has attracted tourists from all over the world. The climate of this country is tropical, and it has a lot of humidity. The air temperature also varies between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Many travelers go there because of the pristine beaches and the endpoint of escape. You can also find interesting historical sites, unique shops, fun festivals, and delicious food while visiting. The archipelago is also known as a budget destination. Many people like the accommodation they are going to stay in to have an excellent and inviting environment.

We suggest if you are going to travel to the Philippines to book a hotel in the heart of nature. These accommodations are built by the environment and the heart of nature. If you want to spend your vacation in an attractive rustic resort in the Philippines, it is better to read this article to introduce you to one of the best Eco-friendly resorts. Stay with us.

New situation swimmingpoolsOrchid Place & Resort is affordable place to stay

The resort is located in Nueva Ecija province, Kalikid Sur, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecijah, Philippines. Orchid Place & Resort is a unique low-rise residence built on a relaxing beach and in a unique setting, with extensive amenities designed to ensure maximum comfort.

This residence is located in a beautiful Thai colonial-style property in its tropical gardens with direct access to the secluded "Khuk Khak Beach" We offer a variety of accommodations for single travelers, couples, friends, and family.

And many of our leisure facilities include the "Main Pool" with Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and Child Pool, "Orchid Pool" (only adults use this pool).


I want to share the facilities of this place because it is easy and affordable to access. You can own a piece of property for yourself by buying it. Or if you go there for vacation, you can rent it and have a good vacation without stress and at no extra cost.

As we said, this place is located in the Philippines, and if we go to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, etc., it is only less than 3 hours away from the Philippines.

We have a development project if you are interested in buying a lot download our report with all the info about this project.

When arriving to Manila airport we can arrange a Van to pick you up anytime! We look forward seeing you to come visits us at Orchid Place & Resort.


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