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All about the Philippines and the beautiful nature

All about the Philippines Puerto Princesa

In this article you can read all about the Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world. Island hopping between these different islets is one of the more fun and beautiful things you can do in Asia.

In addition, you can also do some incredibly good diving and snorkeling in the Philippines. Do not expect impressive buildings or other similar attractions, because the archipelago should really rely on the beautiful nature. The majority of the population here is Catholic. This makes the atmosphere a little different from the other countries in the region, which is a welcome change if you have been traveling in Asia for months.

About the Philippines

Many tourists travel to the Philippines for diving, for the diverse nature and to relax on the beautiful islands and beaches. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, the massive tourist flow in the Philippines has not yet started. Precisely because of this, traveling through the Philippines can be more challenging and it is therefore the more adventurous travelers who visit the country.

In addition, travelers are sometimes anxious, because for some parts of the country there is a negative travel advice. However, if you stay out of these areas, there is nothing to worry about.Almost every tourist says they feel safe. The population is very friendly and helpful. In addition, the locals are not so quick to make a fuss.

You are traveling, so we recommend you to go along with this flow. As Westerners, we can sometimes be impatient, but this is not appreciated in the Philippines. Rather have a chat while waiting for something, as locals often enjoy talking to you. Almost everyone is fluent in English. This makes finding the right bus or ordering food a lot easier.



For many travelers, their journey through the Philippines begins in the capital Manila, on the island of Luzon. This is not a very pleasant city: it is dirty, not safe everywhere and there is a lot of poverty. We recommend you not to stay long here, because the Philippines offer much nicer places.

The state of Palawan is seen by many as the most beautiful part. You can do fantastic island hopping around El Nido, where you can then relax on pearly white beaches. Also around Coron you can do unique day tours, where you come at the most beautiful places and can snorkel. Are you ready for some rest?

Then choose Port Barton as a destination. This mini village is very quiet and relaxed. Then travel on to Puerto Princesa, to leave Palawan. Here you do not have to stay long, but be sure to visit the Iwahig prison, where you can chat with prisoners as a tourist. Another province you can’t skip is Cebu.

Especially the places Moalboal and Malapascua are ideal for water lovers. In the province of Bohol you can admire the special Chocolate Hills and zipline over a ravine. If you want to take it easy for a few days, choose the relaxed island of Siquijor, where you can explore the island on a moped. The idyllic island of Boracay was temporarily closed to tourists, but has since reopened.


The Philippines is known for its natural highlights. The many beautiful beaches and islands of the archipelago spring to mind. But there are also other natural attractions to view, such as the Chocolate Hills on Bohol, the rice fields around Banaue and Batad and the Mayon volcano on the island of Luzon.

As one of the few countries in Asia, you don’t come here for the temples. However, there are some old churches and forts to see, including in Manila and Cebu City.

Practical Information

The Philippines are huge. Short distances on the islands are often covered by bus, jeepney or a moped with sidecar, also called a tricycle. Because the country consists of more than 7000 islands, you are often dependent on boat or plane.

It is often cheaper to book your flight tickets in time. There are no costs for your visa, because you get a free visa on arrival for 30 days. You do need an exit ticket and experience shows that this is often asked for. If you want to stay longer, you can apply for an extension.

The best time to travel to the Philippines is between December and May. In the period from July to October it is both the rainy and the typhoon season, so we do not recommend visiting the country in those months.

The unique nature in the Philippines

Nature in the Philippines cannot be described with a pen. Pearly white beaches and a beautiful underwater world make the country loved by many. The Philippines is one of the best countries for diving. The best destinations to do this are Malapascua, Cebu and Coron.

Are you not a diver, but do you like snorkeling? Then in Moalboal you can snorkel well among the huge schools of sardines and sea turtles. Go to Donsol to swim with whale sharks. If you prefer to stand on a surfboard, choose the island of Siargao. Around Banaue you will see some of the most beautiful rice fields in all of Asia.

In addition, in the archipelago you will find impressive volcanoes, caves, rainforests and waterfalls. Do you want to visit places where almost no one else comes and have a unique experience? Then choose an expedition between Coron and El Nido.

You will make the crossing by boat in three, four or five days, where you and your group will spend the night on uninhabited islands. You fill your days mainly with snorkeling, after which you gather at night with your group mates around the campfire. The unique places are so incredibly beautiful, that we actually recommend everyone to do this boat trip.

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