my brain run 100miles per hour

Hi everyone !

Its my 3rd week and my website is not complete yet but my brain is running so fast to get my training, learn how to get a perfect niche, how can i get traffic and etc.

Honestly after i think about it, the dilemma i encounter is am not a computer expert, am not a writer and no experience in on line marketing, so i keep on repeating to go back to all training over and over and then apply to my website. See its all in my mind but for some reason i can’t start easily to write it down here.

Have you feel this way too? Anyone or is it only me? How can i put myself like you guys “WA community” it seems too easy for you to just post let alone 2 post a week. Getting sweat as am writing this, finally i get courage to write what i really feel.

Please help me understand . . .am i gonna be alright or is it normal to feel sometimes you just want to avoid it!

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