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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program 

What is the Wealthy Affiliate program

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program ?

When it comes to understanding what WA is all about, a lot of new members are still in the dark.

Having Wealthy Affiliate as your online platform for affiliate marketing and blogging (content creation) is the key to building an online business.

Essentially, this system shows you all steps you need to take

  1. Your passion can serve as the basis for a niche
  2. Constructing a niche-site from scratch
  3. Getting free traffic by blogging and SEO
  4. Making money by promoting niche-related products

Online Entrepreneur Certification is a user-friendly training course that takes you step-by-step through this process.

Thousand of members have tried this course already, but results take time and effort, usually about 2-3 months.

What The Wealthy Affiliate Program  ? well is not a get-rich-quick plan.

Do you intend to begin a business online, I assume? A business requires time and effort, so keyword is business.

By investing time and effort into this training program at WA, you have a chance to create a successful online business.

Basically, that’s what WA is all about.

You can become an online entrepreneur with this awesome opportunity!

In spite of that, WA has a lot of useful features that deserve mention, so let’s continue our brief review by describing what they are.

Features of The Wealthy Affiliate Program


Keep in mind that Premium members have access to all these features on a 24/7 basis.

We will explain in all following sections why starter members have limited access to some of these features.

This is my #1 recommendation for making money online


Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

WA’s Online Entrepreneur Course is the company’s flagship course in which you learn how to build your own online business through five levels of training.

As a result of Kyle’s course, you will learn how to build an online business around a hobby or passion, which allows you to pick any products you want to promote to earn an income.

The course covers everything from choosing your niche to building your website, doing keyword research, writing your own content, finding affiliate programs, getting traffic, and making money.

If new members want to succeed online, they should focus on this course exclusively.




Affiliate Bootcamp Course

One other course offered by Wealthy Affiliate is the Affiliate Bootcamp, which teaches you how to sell Wealthy Affiliate products online.

You can take this training course at seven different levels and it would be most suitable for those who don’t know much about which products they will be promoting.

You don’t want to miss out on some of this time-tested gems in the Online Entrepreneur Certification, so I strongly recommend it to all newbies.


SiteRubix Website Builder

Another useful features of the Wealthy Affiliate Program  is  SiteRubix Website Builder. This powerful app allows you to build websites without any skills, experience, or technical knowledge.

Literally, a brand-new WordPress operated website can be created in 4 simple steps and 30 seconds.


Hosting and Domains

You don’t need to purchase hosting from BlueHost, GoDaddy, and others since WA offers step-by-step training as well as a site builder feature!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform allows starter members to build one SiteRubix website for free, while Premium members can build 10 free SiteRubix websites.

This is my #1 recommendation for making money online

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Were you aware that the Wealthy Affiliate Program has started a keyword list website? Yep !They did and  after 15 years, it has evolved into the best place to start an online business, even for a complete novice.

WA’s Jaaxy product is another one of its flagship products. It is a unique keyword research tool.

In order to dominate the search engines, your website content needs to be based on keywords. And Jaaxy will provide you with exactly that.


Site Content Platform

Site Content platform is the safest place for those who are not comfortable writing.

With this feature, you can generate content from templates, set writing goals, and post directly to your site from Wealthy Affiliate.


Affiliate Programs Platform

Joining affiliate programs is required before you can earn money online.

Affiliate programs can be difficult to find for newbies. It no longer makes a difference what affiliate program you use because Wealthy Affiliate Program feature is there to help.

The name of your niches is all you need to type in and viola!


Live Classes/Events

Wealthy Affiliate is a place where learning never stops. Expert-coach Jay holds a live webinar every Friday where he shares tips, tricks, and proven strategies to make money online.


User Generated Training

There are other experts besides Kyle, Carson, and Jay. There are quite a few Wealthy Affiliate members who have advanced to the level of affiliate marketing super-stars.

Upon learning everything, they opted to share it with the rest of their community by creating user-generated training, posts, guides, etc.


Live Technical Support

Live Technical Support is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s best features. If you have any technical problems at all, these guys are ready to help.


Vibrant Community/Live Help

Last but not least, I have the best for you. By joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will become a part of the largest online community of entrepreneurs!

1.4 million people from around the globe belong to WA.

Here, people are ready to help you succeed quickly and are ready to give you a hand all the time!

From my experience, this feature is absolutely invaluable!

This is my #1 recommendation for making money online


Wealthy Affiliate Starter VS Premium

Continuing with your membership, let’s explore the benefits a bit.

In addition to the free Starter membership, Wealthy Affiliate offers the Premium membership as well.

Here’s what makes them different:


Starter – $0 per month

Your access to the platform is limited when you join as a Starter member. However, it is still enough to test drive it and see how it all works.

A free SiteRubix web domain (website) and first-level access to both courses are included.

As well, 30 searches are free on Jaaxy. Furthermore, you can access some Premium features, such as Live Chat, personal support, for the first seven days of your Starter membership.

It’s that simple. Still, it is more than a fair deal when you consider that most companies will ask for upfront payment.

All of this is free with WA! Wouldn’t that be great?


Premium – $49 per month ($495 per year)

With Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership, now you have unlimited use of all platform features, which is fantastic.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of five levels, while the Affiliate Bootcamp consists of seven levels.

Jaaxy provides unlimited keyword searching, 24/7 live chat support, instant help, and technical support in case you have a problem with your site.

You, as a Premium member, are able to build 10 free SiteRubix websites, as well as purchase domains from Wealthy Affiliate and host them there.

As a bonus, you stand to benefit from Kyle and Carson’s direct access to them in case you have a question, which is invaluable to me.

In addition, you will be able to access all the upcoming live classes, as well as a library of previous classes.

There’s more.

You will be able to access user-generated content, such as tutorials, guides, helpful blog posts, as well as create your own and post them to the WA platform.

The Premium plan is ideal for those who wish to fully leverage Wealthy Affiliate’s features to build a successful online business.

Moreover, the membership fees are less than what most of you spend on coffee every month.


Premium Plus – $99 per month ($995 per year)

The new Premium Plus membership was recently introduced by Kyle and Carson, I think in November 2020.

Premium plus members get access to everything that a “normal” Premium membership offers PLUS more.

With Jaaxy Enterprise, you get Priority support, full access to the Entrepresie version, in-house hosting for 50 websites, 200 or more classes a year, and other great features.

All in all, Premium plus is best suited for users who require more from WA!

Pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate


Before I share my final words about WA, let me give you an objective set of pros and cons.


  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Beginner-Friendly Platform and Training
  • Free To Join And Test It Out
  • Low-Cost Monthly Premium Membership
  • Proven By 1000’s of Members So Far
  • All The Tools Included
  • Hosting And Domains Included
  • Live Chat Feature
  • Live Help and Tech Support 24/7
  • Private Coaching
  • Ton Of Classrooms and Live Events
  • Access To Kyle And Carson
  • Continuously Updated Training And Platform
  • Based On Evergreen Methods for Making Money (SEO)


  • It Takes Time To See Results Because SEO Itself Takes Time
  • It Can Be Overwhelming All At Once
  • A Lot Of People Join Starter To Mess Around (Distractions)


Conclusion of the Wealthy Affiliate review

As a start, a big thank you to you for reading this Wealthy Affiliate review.

Any questions you may have can be mentioned in the comments section below.

If you’re really serious about making money online, The Wealthy Affiliate Program is my only recommendation.

The membership of Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of people, like myself, build successful online businesses.

This is my #1 recommendation for making money online


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    1. Thank you for your comment Delroy and my pleasure for sharing, glad to be somehow in be with you in wealthy affiliate together we will reach our goal as long we’re not giving up for there’s lots of way to make it succeed in our journey with the WA community!


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